About company

BENITEX group of companies was founded in 1998. Today it is the largest specialized domestic manufacturer and security system supplier in the Russian market. The company is developing successfully in such market segments as video surveillance systems, remote access control, videodorphone systems, fire-safety systems. BENITEX group of companies is an official distributor of many world-famous manufacturers. It also has four brands of its own. Brands represented by BENITEX are different in concept and format but they complement each other successfully due to single approach and common goal —creation a safe zone of comfort for everyone.

Today, BENITEX is a team of experts developing and producing professional security products available to each family.

BENITEX group of companies includes the following companies:


1. ACTIVISION Security Systems

ACTIVISION Security Systems is leading security system manufacturer in Russia. The history of the creation of the company dates back to 1994 when production of anti-vandal outdoor calling panels was first mentioned. Four years later, ACTIVISION Security Systems company was founded by the inventor of these calling panels.

Having tremendous experience, the company worked its way from a small company establishing interaction of various manufacturing enterprises to a major company with clear organizational structure. It is now capable to perform all functions independently, without involvement of third-party contractors, and, above all, increase volumes of production under its own Activision brand.

Today the product range of the company contains more than 50 main commodity items which are produced constantly and are in great demand in the market. The products include anti-vandal calling panels of various modifications, CCTV cameras and other products necessary for security arrangement both in public places, government institutions and in private sector.

Security products manufactured by ACTIVISION Security Systems have been on the Russian market for more than 25 years.


2. BENITEX Trading House

BENITEX Trading House is a wholesale and retail sale trading company for more than 19 years selling security equipment and systems.

The partner network of BENITEX Trading House includes more than 1000 companies in all regions of Russia and CIS countries, including the largest international and federal retail chain stores.

Deliveries are carried out with the help of sales offices of BENITEX partners. Full technical consultations and selection of standard projects with the subsequent guarantee maintenance are provided for each order. Assistance in project development is possible for customized project.



«SATEK» Trading House is a wholesaler delivering electromechanical and electronic components since July, 1998. Its clients are mainly Russian producers of various heating and refrigerating equipment, and some instrument-making enterprises. Direct interrelationship with producers give possibilities to supply them products at the lowest prices.

The main principle of the company is close interaction with each client that helps to find specific technical complete set solution. Highly qualified specialists with higher technical education degree and wide experience of practical work consult customers on technology and select equipment with necessary technical parameters.